MacroScript SDK 13.0.03

The MacroScript SDK allows programmers to add a macro language to their applications. MacroScript is the language used by the well known Macro Scheduler automation tool which allows you to control and interface with other applications.

MacroScript SDK 13.0.03

The MacroScript SDK is the easiest way to add a macro language to your applications. Seamlessly add the full power and simplicity of the Macro Scheduler script language to your own applications. Run Macro Scheduler code directly within your application without having to shell to a Macro Scheduler script file or executable. With the SDK you can run Macro Scheduler code dynamically and retrieve variable values at any point during execution.

Your users will not need to have Macro Scheduler installed.
- Easy to use ActiveX control.
- DLL or ActiveX interface.
- Integrate with MS Visual Studio, Borland IDEs and more.
... or any other language that can load DLLs or use ActiveX components (even VBScript and VBA).

- No need to shell out to Macro Scheduler.
- Run code in blocks or all at once.
- Retrieve variable values at any point.
- Full control over execution flow.
- Macro Scheduler does not need to be installed (Untethered version).


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